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Photos: Left – South Kaibab Trail – South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Right – North Fork of Virgin River in Zion NP – “The Narrows”

I recently had the privilege of traveling all the way around the  USA (http://wewillfigureitoutblog.com/), popping in and out of Canada.  The trip included stops to many cities I had always imagined visiting – New York, Boston, Asheville, Montreal, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Seattle, Whistler, San Francisco, and San Diego to name a few.

At the same time, I have always enjoyed the great outdoors.  In fact, I believe I get much of my energy from nature; therefore, National Parks, State Parks, and some of our National Monuments were definitely on my list of places to visit.  My journey led me to see Acadia NP, Yellowstone NP, the Grand Tetons, Mount Rainier, Mount Olympus, Mount Rushmore, Redwood NP, Saguaro NP, Joshua Tree NP, Gila Cliff Dwellings NP, Guadalupe Mountain NP, and many national monuments.

Just like the story the pictures tell, I am headed down a different and new path, on a new adventure.  This time I am headed to Europe to see everything Europe has to offer – nature, history, cultures, fine foods, and the incredible people of Europe.   Feel free to follow along.  The venture starts soon.

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